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To the End of the World

“You are cordially Invited to the First Annual Antiquarian’s Dream Treasure Hunt. Please RSVP with your Team’s Qualifications and preferred Benefactor Status. Entry fee: 1,000 Pounds Stirling at RSVP or via Benefactor. The Team with the most collected Items of Proven Provenance will be Awarded 100,000 Pounds Stirling.
*Benefactor package and availability on a first come, best chosen basis.”

The beautifully 14k gold embossed invitation appeared in your mail clad in an expensive, amber-scented envelope with no stamp and no return address. The RSVP card is to a post office box care of Washington, DC.

This is the front page of Here Be Dragons. Welcome. If you are looking for a Lovecraftian RPG, stop by and enter the Dreamlands.

Campaign ended for lack of steady players, and I moved from Texas to Florida. May attempt to reboot in the Tarpon Springs/Palm Harbor area of Florida


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