Scroll(s) of Nephren-Ka

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Once every 1206 years, the equinox night begins a series of conjunctions over a place of power that lasts through Samhain. During this nights of conjunction, a six-hour ritual can be performed to bring Magick to the world. The site can be found using sacred mica sheets arranged in alignment with the heavens.

Using knowledge stolen from the dead via a ‘pudding’ made from Bookworms, the ritual is inscribed into the ground of a subterranean chamber. The caster stands at the cardinal point, chanting, as sixty men, made fearless by inhalation of Dread Blossom essence, are shackled in iron chains and then burned to death on a huge pyre on the center of the ritual site.

Amidst their final screams the Sorcerer shouts the final phrases of the chant into the night. Then the still-warm hearts are carved from the sacrificial bodies and placed on the altar with the Ebon Tablets.

Scroll(s) of Nephren-Ka

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