Martin Blount

PI turned bodyguard for the Vanderhavens


Average-sized, thinning gray hair, a mustache, dresses in suits and a trench coat, carries a number of interesting things in his pockets and has a tommy gun stored in the trunk.

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Martin Blount spent most of his career in with New York City’s finest and, after retiring from the NYPD, he took work as a PI to make ends meet and keep busy until he went to work for Mr. Vanderhaven. Since then, he has accompanied Mr. Vanderhaven’s daughter, Lucille, on her many and varied entertainments, including seasons on the continent, a safari in Africa, riding with gauchos in Brazil, and—just prior to this treasure hunt—a trip to Alaska to climb glaciers.
While Blount has never encountered anything like the Mi-Go (Mythos creature), his years in NYC have prepared him for almost any type of weirdness.

When you moved your home base to Boston to better accommodate your new boss, your brought with you only plucky & fast-talking Joan, who is rather more than your Secretary and has been for the last decade, a relationship you have discretely hidden from your son Chris.

Your best friend & old partner, Lt. Bronson, is still working in the NYCPD. He still owes you a few favors, even after making your buy of a tommy gun and not arresting you for having it on ‘his streets’.

Martin Blount

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