Lucille (Lucy) Vanderhaven

young dilettante heiress


Young, blond, attractive and knows it, carefree, flapper-styles


You’ve had nothing but the best all your life. Of course, with the good comes the bad. All your life, you’ve been surrounded by sycophants, liars, & cheats. Still, it was a good life until you were 13, when you & your mother were kidnapped. They held you—& a handful of other women & children—raping, torturing, & finally killing them in a series of sacrifices. After weeks of this, your mother gave up hope of rescue & instead arranged an opportunity to escape for you by offering to be a willing sacrifice. A sacrifice that scarred your psyche (Mythos +1, Sanity -1).

Her screams haunt you still. You jump from one entertainment to the next now to drown them out. You’ve tried riding with gauchos in Brazil, shark hunting, surfing with the natives, safari hunting in Africa, iceberg climbing in Alaska, and now a treasure scavenger hunt.

Lucille (Lucy) Vanderhaven

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