George Salby the Second

Newly graduated antiquarian


Young, fresh out of college, and loving the fact that your British accent makes you an instant hit with the ladies here in the Americas

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Your father is one of the best known London antiquarians, dealing in anything & everything about Egyptology, archaeology, antiquities, folklore, travel, & exploration from his shop in Bloomsbury. Someday you will follow in his footsteps. But not just yet. Instead you wander the world, procuring things for your father to sell in his bookstore & this treasure hunt is a great way to do just that. It took some doing, but you finally convinced him to let someone else foot the bill for your travels for a while. After all, anything you found off the list was fair game. And you’ve found some amazing things to send home to your father!

Your father and Mr. Vanderhaven have been friends and business associates since you were a child. You’d met Lucy several times when you were both kids, until her abduction. By the time she was traveling again, you were off to college so this is the first time you’ve seen her since she has grown up.

Your father –
Your best friend –
Geraldine Salby – Your cousin, currently still in school in England, & your favorite confidante

George Salby the Second

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