Purpura Coluber

The mysterious 'Jane Doe' with a hole carved into her chest


Athletic, increasingly healthy now that she is reunited with her Shard, attractive, young-to-middle aged woman, French, skilled with blades, guns, cars, boats, cooking,


Known Information

Collapsed at the feet of Martin Blount the team’s first night in Egypt, bleeding from a large hole carved into her chest, she had no identification and carried nothing except a small stone hidden in the remains of her robes. Martin and Lucille (Lucy) Vanderhaven set her up with medical care, first at their hotel, then at the local hospital, before leaving for their treasure hunt in the depths of the desert.

They returned to find that another had taken over custody of their Jane Doe, however. That, despite the grievous wound, she had somehow survived during their week-long absence, though she showed no signs of waking and minimal improvement to her condition. Doctor Johann Gundersson was now in charge of her and arranged to return with her to his sanitarium in upstate New York.

After they retrieved her from Dr. Gundersson’s clutches, she was stashed in a private health facility (hospital/sanitarium/clinic/spa combination) under the care of Lucy’s private physician. Upon re-insertion of a small piece of her shard, she began to heal enough to awaken. Once she regained consciousness, she convinced the group to return (most) of her shard and healed fully with a matter of hours.

After some discussion, the group was able to learn a bit more of what happened to her, including the fact that she has held her shard for a couple of decades now, long enough for her body to have adapted to the greater amount of energy and magic, allowing her to place her body in a kind of stasis when the ‘good’ doctor was carving the shard from her chest in expectation of being able to survive long enough to warn her people.

Purpura Coluber

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