Here Be Dragons


The zeppelin flies across and into New York City’s docks and our intrepid adventures disembark, over seeing the careful transfer of the cratefuls of Egyptian antiquities, and 1 extra crate, full of stolen goodies for the uneventful trip to Lucy’s home away from home, a lovely and expansive (for New York, anyway) townhouse in Manhattan.

Settled in to Lucy’s gorgeous home-away-from-home, the group split up to accomplish a number of goals in as short an amount of time as they could.

The geologist, Joe Simpson, spent several hours over the course of a few days in a dingy but well-equipped lab beneath the Museum of Geology studying the slender crystalline shard. None of the test provided answers for why the crystal seems to pulse almost like a heart beat and emits a very faint glow in total darkness. He did find that it produces noticeable amounts of energy without generating actual heat, though it feels warm to the touch, and that it is marginally less hard than a diamond, as well as resisting all known acid and shatter tests.

While he was there, he also ran tests on the Ebon Tablet and the Obsidian Blade, and located three out of four of the Mica Sheets needed to reach their next goal. The Obsidian Blade appears to be an extremely old sacrificial knife used to kill both human and animal sacrifices, but had no other strange properties aside from being obscenely sharp. The Ebon Tablet actually reduced the amount of ambient heat and light around it in a way that he was not yet able to pin down. He was able to trade the Tablet for the sheets of mica as an indefinite loan.

(to be continued)


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