Here Be Dragons

Session 1: Hunting for Treasure

The Egyptian Sandbox


Fresh off the dirigible from the United States, the fellowship of Gamma scavenger group retired to their hotel in Cairo ready to spend less ‘quality time’ with their fellows after days of being cooped up on the small airship.

Dilettante Lucille (Lucy, please) Vanderhaven retired to the comforts of her VIP suite while her bodyguard, Martin Blount, left his settling in for after he explored the security of the hotel and its surroundings.

After leaving their luggage in slightly less auspicious rooms, Joe Simpson, a geologist famous within scientific circles, and Henry C. Shetrone, a highly experienced ex-US military demolitions expert and sometime archeological dabbler, decided on dinner and drinks in the hotel bar, amidst discussions of rock structures and chemistry far more in-depth than their more (and less) cerebral fellows had any interest in.

Thus, George Salby the Second, junior antiquarian of Salby & Son Antiquities, preferred to find his dinner in less European surrounding, wandering through the bazaar in search of interesting things to ship home to his father while Professor Leroy Currie, world-renowned archeologist, was on the hunt for stories, maps, and any other leads that would help narrow down the location of the lost tomb of Nephren-Ka, where his team believed the Scroll of Nephren-Ka had been entombed with the fallen pharaoh.


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